Who is MCS

MCS is an emerging, independent offshore contracting and vessel management company. We provide high-quality project management and engineering services to the oil & gas majors and main contractors worldwide.

Our services range from pipelay, heavy lift and SURF to SAT diving. In addition, we service our clients in the construction of ports & terminals and vessel management. To support our services, we have a broad network of international partners.

Our expertise of working in harsh weather environments including the Arctic, combined with our financing solutions and direct access to a large asset base, enables us to apply an approach tailored to the needs of our clients and makes us unique to the industry.

Our Approach

We are a family run business which is reflected by our fast decisions making processes. This enables us to ensure an efficient process for each project and underlines our long-term commitment to our clients. It goes without saying that safety, quality, and cost-effectiveness are self-evident to us.

Our multinational and experienced team of industry experts is driven to meet and exceed our clients’ requirements, with resourceful solutions which add value to each project. Our commitment is reflected in our willingness to invest in both projects and relations because we believe this is the key to mutual success.

Where do we come from?

Maritime Construction Services (MCS) has been established in 2015 as an independent Dutch entity and exclusive partner of MRTS Group, to execute international projects and deliver project management, tendering, business development and commercial support. The exclusive partnership with MRTS Group assures direct access to owned assets and unique experience in reference to turnkey construction of oil and gas subsea facilities, pipelay and port and terminal constructions. In addition, we have access to local offices worldwide, to service our clients on site.


At Maritime Construction Services (MCS) we all share the same values, which form the basis of our approach and each relationship we have.


Solid: in the way we provide service and the quality of our assets, supported by the asset base of MRTS Group, our Arctic expertise, and operations in other harsh weather regions.


Resourceful: in our approach and in our solutions, supported by our versatile team of professionals and direct access to a large asset base.


Whatever comes our way, we remain focused on the result and always strive for added value.


 “In addition to our values we all share a passion for

working in this industry, for this company and within

this passionate group of peers.

Our mission

It is our mission to have long-term relationships with our clients, our people, and other stakeholders and to be the preferred strategic partner for the delivery of solid added value solutions for offshore contracting and vessel management, which contribute to mutual success.

Our vision

To provide access to (sustainable) energy sources in a cost-effective and efficient manner by working together and by sharing knowledge, data, and insights. That is how we deliver resourceful, greener and solid solutions that we believe, add value to all.

We believe that success for our clients, partners and for MCS can only be achieved by teamwork. Teamwork within our organization, but equally important teamwork with our clients and partners. We are convinced of the benefit of intrinsic teamwork which is based on shared values. Therefore, we enable our people to bring expertise to the table and support them with the tools needed to deliver resourceful solutions. Most importantly we realize that we are all part of the process of providing solid, efficient and cost-effective solutions because that is how we deliver value for all.


Our team of experienced professionals can best be described as versatile, dedicated and diligent. All our key professionals have been working for the main Dutch and international contractors, during the start of their careers.

OUR Assets

The  DP3 1A Super ice class multipurpose vessel EVEREST is capable of handling the severest Arctic conditions. Built to the latest standards this state-of-the-art vessel continues to work safely where other vessels have to stop. The EVEREST has been designed to execute:

  • Saturation & Air Diving
  • ROV Support
  • IRM  and SURF Installation
  • Light & Medium Construction
  • Geophysical Survey
  • Ice navigation
  • Umbilical & Cable Installation
  • Deepwater Intervention
  • Trenching and burial of pipelines and cables
  • Accommodation services
  • Arctic and Antarctic Research
  • Pipelay


Maritime Construction Services (MCS) with its partners announce today, that it has been awarded a contract by Lion Air, for the recovery of the Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) and various additional instruments of the Lion Air JT610, in Indonesia If during the search, remains of passengers or crew are found, these will be handed over to the Indonesian SAR authority Badan Nasional Pencarian Dan Pertolongan (BASARNAS). MCS will form a consortium with local technical partners Alliance Energy Solutions PTE LTD and PT NADI MARIN SUBSEA. With these partners, MCS will provide the required air diving, survey and ROV services to perform the recovery activities in a solid, safe and efficient manner. The Multi-Purpose Vessel (MPV) EVEREST, the state-of-the-art DP3 Construction Vessel of MCS, will be used for execution of the project.

Read the full Press Release here.

To download the specification and details of the MPV Everest, please click here


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