MPV Everest

Main specifications

Name & Type

MPV Everest, Ice Class Multipurpose Construction Vessel

Built & Flag

2017, Bahamas

SAT & Air Diving

Lexmar Twin-bell 18 man SAT diving system 300m and Air Diving System, 2 hyperbaric lifeboat


MacGregor AHC Knuckle Boom 250 MT and 50 MT


140 men (60 single cabins and 40 twin cabins)

Dynamic Positioning



Main Data

Length overall: 140 m
Breadth: 30 m
Depth: 13 m
Draught Summer: 8.2 m
Gross Tonnage: 21 943 T
Deadweight: 7 277 T
Helideck: Ø25.4 m, 13t, MIL Mi-8 Sikorsky S92A & S61N
Speed max/eco: 15 knots / 12 knots
Bollard Pull – 162 T
Dynpos: DP3


✓ Saturation & Air Diving
✓ ROV Support
✓ IRM / IRRM and SURF Installation
✓ Light & Medium Construction
✓ Geophysical Survey
✓ Ice navigation
✓ Umbilical & Cable Installation
✓ Deepwater Intervention
✓ Trenching and burial of pipelines and cables
✓ Accommodation services
✓ Arctic and Antarctic Research
✓ Pipelay Rigid and Flexible
✓ Oil Recovery
✓ Light Well Intervention


Total Accommodation – 140 pax
Total number of cabins – 100
✓ Single cabin – 60
✓ Twin cabin – 40
All cabins fully air-conditioned with ensuite bathroom

Propulsion System

Main generators: 25 200 kW (Total)
Comprising: 4 x 5 500 kW, 2 x 1 600 kW
Emergency Generators: 1 300 kW, 800 kW
Number of Thrusters: 6
Total Thruster Power: 20 000 kW

Consumption @ DP3: 25 m3/day
Endurance: 50 Days

Dynamic Positioning

DP3: Kongsberg

✓3x Motion Reference Unit (MRU)
✓1x Bandak Lightweight taut wire
✓2x Differential GPS
✓3x Gyrocompass
✓3x Ultrasonic Wind Sensors
✓2x HiPAP
✓1x Omnidirectional Laser
✓1x RADius unit


Built: 2017 Keppel Singmarine

1✠HULL ✠MACH, Diving support-integrated DD SD, Fire fighting ship 2, Oil recovery ship, Special service Multi-Purpose Support Vessel, Multi-Purpose Support Vessel SP140 -heavycargo (main deck 98.1 kN/m2), Unrestricted Navigation, ACCOMMODATION, COMF-NOISE3, COMF-VIB3, ✠AUT-UMS, ✠SYS-NEQ-1, GREEN PASSPORT, CLEANSHIP SUPER (BWT, OWS-5ppm, NDO-15 days), ICE CLASS 1A SUPER, ✠ALM, ✠HEL, INWATERSURVEY, ✠DYNPOS AM/AT RS, SDS, COLD (H-30, E-30), SPS

Deck Equipment/Cargo

Main Crane: 250 mt AHC
Secondary Crane: 50 mt AHC
Deck Area: 1 400 m2
Moon Pool: 7.2 x 7.2 m

SAT Diving System

Capacity: 18 Man Twin Bell
Moon Pools: 2 (4.2 x 4.2 m)
Hyperbaric Life Boat: 2
Water Depth: 300m

Air Dive System

Water Depth: 60 m
Deployment: Port/Starboard or Moonpool
Hot Water Units – 3 divers
Depth System – 2 LARS with 3 man Wet bell and 2 man basket on each

ROV System

✓ 4 000 m water depth – 2 heavy duty work class 200HP systems 4 000 m Triton XLX EVO 139
✓ 3 000 m water depth – 1 light work/inspection class system 3 000 m Comanche
✓ Heave compensated LARS – 2 Heave compensated LARS by A-frame over the side
✓ Moonpool with mechanical top hatch – Dedicated5.6m x 4.2m ROV Moonpool with a mechanical top hatch, bottom cover and heading indication system

Oil Recovery System

Oil Recovery System for First Response in case of Offshore oil spillage and a class annotation “OIL RECOVERY SHIP”. The system can be hooked up to external hoses and a skimmer system at both Portside and Starboard side.

  • Oil Recovery Tank Capacity: Portside 649 m3, Starboard side 523 m3, Total Storage: 1055 m3
  • Pump Capacities: 2x 70m3/hr @ 10b, Total pump capacity: 140 m3/hr @ 10b
  • Additional Pumps: GTA Heavy Oil Transfer pump which can be fitted with skimmer unit


Continues to work safely where others have to stop

The DP3 1A Super ice class multipurpose vessel EVEREST is capable of handling the severest Arctic conditions. Built to the latest standards this state-of-the-art vessel continues to work safely where other vessels have to stop.

Presentation MPV Everest

Presentation on the MPV Everest with crane charts and DP plots

Specification Sheet MPV Everest

A new 1A SUPER, DP3 ice class multipurpose vessel EVEREST, which has been specially designed for the severest Arctic conditions, enabling wide range services for continuous subsea activities at low temperatures.




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Erik de Haas
Commercial Manager

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