Med Deep Diving

Maritime Construction Services (MCS) and its partner DCN Diving are proud to announce the successful completion of the Deep Dive project in the Mediterranean. The project involved fault finding in the subsea infrastructure and checking subsea connections.

The project was completed in 2022 and involved ROV operations and SAT diving at a depth of 200m. The expert team of MCS and DCN Diving, together with their cutting-edge technology and specialized equipment, executed the project safely and efficiently. The project was completed without incident and within the scheduled timeframe.

“We are proud of the team and the successful completion of the Deep Dive project,” said Erik de Haas, Commercial Director of MCS. “Our partnership with DCN Diving allowed us to combine our expertise and resources to deliver excellent results for our client. The success of the project reinforces our commitment to excellence in the field of subsea construction and maintenance.”

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Erik de Haas
Commercial Manager

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Vessels involved

MPV Everest