Reel Drive System and Tensioner

Main specifications

Reel Drive System



2-track 20TE


Reel Drive System

The 350Te reel drive system allows for transverse adjustments on each tower, moving them inward or outward to engage and disengage into the reel hub. The cylinders for hub lifting have position sensors for automatic positioning and for synchronised movement between the towers. The unit can be set to operate in manual speed mode, in automatic speed and torque mode.

Reel Drive System (Electric Driven)
Max. Reel (+ Product) Weight Te 350
Rotational Speed rpm 1.0 max @ half torque
0.55 max @ full torque
Reel Dimensions m Diameter: 8.60 – 11.40
Width: 5.60 – 5.75

Horizontal Tensioner

The 20Te horizontal tensioner is a caterpillar track system capable of handling umbilical, flexibles or steel pipe. The system is designed to prevent loss of product tension with fail safe brakes, nitrogen accumulators, fail safe clamping system, etc. The tracks can be driven in constant speed, constant torque, constant tension, and manual speed mode.

Line Pull Te Up to 20
Pay-Out Speed m / hr 0 – 1,200
Track Contact Length m 2.38
Max. Track Opening mm 860
Max. Track Squeeze kN / m 460 @ 287 bar
Product Diameter mm 50 – 620

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