Project Finance

When it comes to infrastructure and capital projects, managing risks and incentives correctly can be a major enabler for opening up new funding streams and creating a bankable project. By working closely together with our Clients and Partners we can deliver projects successfully on a Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) or Engineer, Procure, Construct, Commission & Finance (EPCF) basis.

Our access to the major financial institutions and ECA backed finance opportunities can help to make your project viable.

What makes us different? More than a contractor we can work together with our Clients to be a long term partner on a project for the entire lifecycle of the project, by managing and mitigating the risks:

  • Construction phase: in this first phase of a project lifecycle there are many uncertainties and risks associated with the construction. Big projects are known for going over budget and over time. However, by managing it properly and working together, instead of as adversaries, this risk can be managed. This reduction in the completion risk and the capital expenditure (CAPEX) risk has its positive effects on the financing requirements and securities.
  • Operational phase: in the second phase of a project lifecycle there are the uncertainties associated with the operation and in particular the ramp-up. To what extent will the asset be fully operational during its lifecycle. How will the forecasted revenue and operational expenditure (OPEX) streams develop? As MCS we can take on board the OPEX risks.
  • Economical development phase: many of the infrastructure projects that are under development will have longer-term economic effects. These effects are also greatly influenced by politics and policymakers. The risks and opportunities associated with this can only be managed by working together in a transparent way.

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